HaxAsia - hardware 2.0 accelerator program

Build your global hardware business via 6-month program around the world:

Singapore - San Francisco - Beijing. Run an awesome crowdfunding campaign in Silicon Valley.


Our world is round, so will be your trip. You start your journey in your own country where you finish building your first prototype.

Then you’ll come to Singapore to develop it into commercial design and test the market here.

You launch your crowdfunding campaign on IndieGogo in San Francisco.

Those who reach their target will go to Beijing to work out the first pilot batch of devices with the help of one of the world’s top contract manufacturers.

We will help you prove the market case via crowdfunding and also develop Chinese plan to enter the largest consumer market of the world.

You’ll decide then where to go, but regardless of your choice, you will build a successful hardware business with global exposure in 6 months.

  • HaxAsia

    What do we invest in?

    We love wearables, smart gadgets, consumer robotics, 3D printing and other consumer-focused hardware with smart software. You should have at least a functional prototype to demonstrate or have clear abilities to create one within 2 months. Regardless whether you are serial entrepreneur switching to hardware or hacker with no business experience, we can help you realize your plan.

  • What is so special about HaxAsia?

    There is no single location that fits all needs of a hardware startup. We leverage our connections across three countries to help you develop your product and industrial design, validate use-cases, record awesome video, reach media, launch crowdfunding campaign and access smart capital – all in one program. We can invest up to $500,000 in teams that would decide to reside in Singapore and have achieved all the accelerator’s milestones.

  • How does it work?

    We don’t have any application deadlines. We start investment 2 weeks after we liked your idea and seen the prototype. We accept you into the program whenever you are ready to go prime time. 

    We invested a lot in hardware recently and here are some of our learnings:

    There is no single hardware startup team that has all the competencies inside so we bring access to R&D resources and talent, some of them are ready to work for equity
    Use cases should solve some real customer pains you are able to validate product use-cases early enough via costs-efficient video services – you may create a few of them over the course of program
    Reaching media is extremely difficult for startups we use the best PR talent and creative marketing thinking to raise profile of the project
    Most of successful crowdfunding campaigns for hardware products fail to deliver results on time thus we decided to partner with the world’s best contract manufacturers
    At the end of the day, it is all up to you to drive business to ultimate success but we are here to help with any problem you may face with, starting from any required visas to drafting press-release
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    Who we are?

    Behind HaxAsia is a the syndicate of investors that believe that the hardware revolution is happening: Ruvento, Incuvest, Bootstrap Labs, DI Group, SpinUp Partners, Foxconn Innoconn and some angels.